Monday, March 3, 2008

Am I dumb??

Okay seriously I dont know if its just because its 11:30 at night or because I graduated from St. Johns High, but I cant figure out how to make my pictures smaller and put them where I want them. Also I dont know how to add friends so if you come across my blog and want to be added please inform me how to do it. IM A NERD!!


azcoov said...

dumb, no. Just a rookie... Hello Emily, it's Billy! Nice blog...

Your son is a cutie-pie.

So check this out. There are tons of tools available for blog posting, including image cropping. I recommend that you download Google's Picasa photo album. You can post blog entries to your blogger account directly from that program (it is free by the way).

Also, has a bunch of help articles that talk about all the different ways you can post content to your blog. Check this out... It talks about ways to post pictures from your cell phone, or even a flickr account if you have one like us.

I'm glad I found your blog, since picking up a phone seems incredibly difficult for you... :)
Here is Crystal and my blog.

Keep in touch!

The Coor's said...

Emily, thanks for telling me you had a blog. I just happened to come along yours. Your little man is so cute. I can't believe that I haven't seen him since he was born. We need to get together and hang out. You guys keep ditching out on us and Mike and Teresa. Anyways, again your little guy is very cute!!!

Teresa :) said...

Hey Im so glad you FINALLY (haha) got your blog working. Especially when Dustin doesn't work over here any more we are never gonna know whats going on with you guys! Just let us know when you are up for hanging out and we'll work out the details. :)