Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wedding reception pics...

November 8th 2008 Jamie thax for a fun night, I dont know why Vogue hasn't called yet The Three Amigos

Just a little sassAhhh my heart loves you Ty

Carly I feel exactly the same way about cake :)

Grandma Doty...Thx for some good laughs I sure love you
This is why I love you Kels


Jen said...

Em-cute blue shoes! I love the black with blue. Looks like a fun sister-in-law you have...weird how we're all married now, most with time flies.

Ty is such a doll, what a cutie pie, hope we get to meet him before he's too big.

Sherrod and Sarah Martin said...

CUTE pics! Love the shoes,and your baby's eyes are gorgeous!

Fox Family said...

Hey glad to see you back! Too bad we live right around the corner and don't even know each other!!! We need to hang out! Ty is so handsome and getting big! Wholly cow!!! Congrats on the calling! I love young womens...well I did when I was one! :) Anyway, cute blog and how bout call me? 3-0296

hatch family said...

Hey Emily. Ty is getting so big now. I can't believe how light his hair is. Well the reception looks like it was a blast. Is everyone married now in your family?

The Hulsey Family said...

Oh my heck, I can't believe how big Ty is and how cute his hair is! Hey, I'm going to the valley this weekend-so I could pick us up whatever supplies we need. Email me at hulseys(at)msn(dot)com and tell me what you have in store. Then we'll pick a day and go to town! But I'd love to get whatever we need this weekend since we're pretty limited to Dollar General and Alco!