Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

Here are some fun pictures of our fun weekend with the fam. Thanksgiving was yummy. After we ate uncle Dallas cut Ty's hair for the 1st time ever, he was in desperate need. It bummed me out a little cuz I loved it long. He looks cute no matter what though and its definitly grown on me. I can spike it up now and its cute. Friday my sister in laws, Dallas and I went to showlow at 4 am for black Friday and got some Christmas shopping done. We had a good time. Saturday we went and cut a Christmas tree for Dallas and Kelsey and got some cute pics in the snow. It was super chilly!
The Big hair cut

Ty pushing Carly on his cute!

Dustin cut a little tree down for Ty's room, I'll post pictures of our big tree later this week.


Jen said...

So cute! I love the hair cut shots, how nice of uncle Dallas!
Merry Christmas!

Teresa :) said...

Oh Emily were you chapped that your hubby didnt show up till saturday morning when he was supposed to be home on friday night? Ahhh I dont know how but trouble just always seems to find Michael every where he goes! haha Thanks for letting him come hang out with us, you need to come next time!

janalee said...

Fun pics in the snow.. i miss being able to go to the mountains so quick! Oh- and i love your hair.. she did a good job!

mike and maren said...

Emily - we are definitely going to have to hang out! I'll be moving down in January/February sometime, so let me know when you're up for it. Your little kido is a doll - he is Hammond 100%!

Down Home Happiness said...

Yeah your blogging again. I hope you are enjoying getting ready for the holidays. I love your decorations. Your little guy is growing so fast-what a cute little guy. Take care and don't freeze!